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Italian-Style Lemon Chicken Schnitzel with Caper Sauce and Salad

Zest up with this lemony chicken schnitzel that has its golden crumb drizzled in a luscious caper-butter sauce. A fresh side salad glistens with a simple vinaigrette to make things a bit special on an otherwise uneventful weeknight. If you're cooking for special company, this will elevate you to the role of romantic lead.

30 Minutes




Prepare Chicken

Slice chicken horizontally to yield 2 thinner pieces. Place in a bowl with aioli and toss to coat. Place breadcrumbs on a plate and press chicken into crumbs to coat. Set aside while you continue with step 2.



Make Caper Sauce

Crush garlic and chop parsley leaves. Juice lemon. Heat a frypan over medium heat, add butter and heat until bubbling. Add capers and garlic to pan and cook for 30 seconds or until fragrant. Add lemon juice and parsley and toss to combine. Season with pepper and set aside. Wipe out pan.



Cook Chicken

Return frypan to medium heat with 30ml (1½ tablespoons) olive oil. Add chicken and cook for 3–4 minutes each side or until golden and cooked through. Remove from pan and season with salt. While the schnitzels are cooking, continue with step 4.



Make Dressing

In a bowl big enough to fit the salad, add wholegrain mustard, red wine vinegar and remaining olive oil. Season with salt and pepper and mix to combine.



Make Salad

Slice cucumber into rounds. Rinse and tear lettuce. Halve cherry tomatoes. Place cucumber, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and parmesan in the bowl with the dressing. Season to taste with salt and pepper and toss to combine.



Plate Up

Divide schnitzels and salad between plates and top with caper sauce. Serve with lemon wedges.

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Italian-Style Lemon Chicken Schnitzel with Caper Sauce and Salad

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