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We’re bringing excitement back to dinner. It went away for a while there, with all the stress and shopping lists and trips to the store, but we’ve decided you (and dinner) deserve better. So we’re sprinkling a pinch of pzazz over time spent in the kitchen, pouring a good glug of glee into all the things you cook. Mealtime magic by the boxful, on your doorstep, ready when you are. That’s a juicy, time-saving squeeze of joy over your entire week.

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Feeding partner spaghetti

Rewarded for loving food (finally)

Don’t you just love little reward now and then? We do. That’s why we’ve partnered with Flybuys, so that every $1 you spend with us at QuiteLike scores you 1 Flybuys point.

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Cooking stir fry

Skill up while you fill up

We’re having fun, we’re learning stuff, we’re making the most of making dinner because, if we have to do it, we may as well enjoy it. Across all of our recipes, we dish up tips, tricks and factual tidbits to take your kitchen skills to the next level. From cooking techniques to suggestions for leftovers, every QuiteLike meal is a chance to explore, discover and uncover something new.

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Cooking with the family

Packed full of time and taste

We solemnly swear to never let you waste your precious time on a dish that will only disappoint you. In every QuiteLike order, you can be sure you’ll receive actually, really, genuinely delicious recipes, fresh ingredients of incredible quality, and a whole heap of time back in your life to do what you love with the ones you love. It’s the joy of cooking a great meal, without any of the stressful stuff.

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So, who’s coming for dinner and how many nights are we cooking? Once you know that, go right ahead and choose from 30 weekly recipes that make your stomach skip a beat.




We’ve got this part. You don’t need to do a thing. Just wait for the doorbell to ring so you can take delivery of your box of farm-fresh, seasonal ingredients.




It’s time to shine, reclaim some time and remember what it feels like to really, truly love cooking.


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A few current favourites

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