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Cooking and connecting over food is one of life’s great joys, and we are here to help you embrace this.

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Real Solutions Start with Real Understanding

We’re realists here at QuiteLike. We know we can't solve the sticking points of the evening meal without asking a few questions. That’s why we asked Australians where they need help most. No time to do dishes? Noted, here’s some one-pot wonders. Not sure how to julienne a carrot? Let’s talk about rustic salads, instead. Need to accommodate a last-minute guest? We’ll work some magic with rice. We asked, we workshopped, we devised a plan. Now it’s over to you to add your own touch.

Fresh herbs

Meal Solutions for Real Life

We know that life never quite follows the recipe. Whether it’s impromptu after-work drinks, unmissable deadlines, juggling family routines, or just finding a spare moment to get the potatoes on the boil, life sometimes isn’t onboard with your plans. That’s where we’d like to help. Our meal kits are, in a way, a knowing nod to daily imperfections and scheduling conflicts. We hope to create space and time for you to enjoy cooking by removing the niggly bits, such as planning, shopping and hunting for recipes.


Why Like QuiteLike?

Add your own flair


We love it when you take our recipes and make them your own. No matter your skill level, you can use our recipes in a way that works for you. Follow them to the letter or add your own personal style to suit the tastes and preferences of your household. Cooking and connecting over food is a simple pleasure that we’d quite like to share with you.

We celebrate mealtimes


We’re on a mission to bring back some love for the kitchen. Imagine what it would be like to actually enjoy cooking for yourself and your loved ones. Spending time sharing, tasting and experimenting, rather than hiking up and down supermarket aisles and tussling with self-checkout machines. Let us do the planning and shopping, so you can focus on the fun part.

We’re flexible for you


You can skip, cancel or change your plan anytime online. We’re designed with real life in mind and we understand how important a flexible arrangement is to your lifestyle and routine (or lack thereof). So we’ll be on-hand to deliver meals when you need us and, when you don’t, we'll still be here, waiting in the wings.

The Difference


A Family Favourite

Whether you’re catering for little kids (or bigger kids), we have you covered with meals the whole family will love. We’ve even snuck a few incognito veggies in there.


Something New

Sometimes you feel like mixing it up and spreading your culinary wings or maybe even impressing a dinner guest. For those evenings, we have new recipes every week, including options for the more adventurous.


Quick and Delicious

Trying to eat healthily while juggling life has its challenges. We’ve all dropped the ball and opted for a quick calorie fix instead of a salad. Let us help safeguard you against bad decisions with our nutritious, no-fuss recipes.

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