The sustainable way to cook

At QuiteLike, reducing food waste and streamlining the way we cook and eat is at the core of what we do. While we’re continually looking at ways to fine-tune our sustainability practices for excellent environmental outcomes, here’s what we have achieved so far…

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quitelike meal kit box with fresh ingredients on kitchen counter

Low-waste wins

You might be shocked to learn that Australians waste 7.6 million tonnes of food each year, 70 percent of which is still perfectly good*. We don’t believe in a business that contributes to such numbers, so our model has been crafted specifically for sustainability. Our goal is to only send you the ingredients you need, so everything you receive in your box ends up on your plate and not in landfill.

quitelike baked salmon recipe with recipe cards on table

Smarter, more delicious recipes

Our recipes are designed to minimise waste by using as much of the ingredient as possible, such as adding herb stems or bare corn cobs to flavour soups or using an often-discarded part of an ingredient in the recipe.


Greener groceries

At QuiteLike, we’re not about filling a warehouse with produce that may never be used. We only buy the fresh produce we need for our recipe orders each week, ensuring that nothing is wasted from its journey from the farm to your table.

empty quitelike cardboard boxes in recycling bin

Edible ethics

If we do happen to have leftovers, they’re donated to our local communities and we’re a proud supporter of SecondBite, who work to fight hunger in Australia. Given that 1 in 6 adult Australians didn’t have enough to eat last year and 1.2 million children went hungry**, we feel honoured to be able to contribute to these worthy organisations.

quitelike thermal pouch

Sustainable packaging

At QuiteLike our goal is for the packaging we use to have the teeniest footprint – or better yet – none at all. We’re always looking for solutions to get your ingredients to you more sustainably, while also keeping them super-fresh.

Our boxes are 100% recyclable and made from approximately 52% recycled cardboard content. To keep things quite cool, we use a 100% recyclable thermal pouch. You can just put it straight into your kerbside recycling bin when you’re done. High-five!

The squishy gel in our ice packs is a safe gel made up of water (99%) and sodium polyacrylate (<1%), which means you can either pour the contents into your backyard or outdoor pot plants to help soil retain water, or you can empty it into your household bin – it might be a bit wet though.

fresh quitelike produce on mint coloured background

Produce matters

Helping our customers to eat seasonally and locally is integral to our business. We choose to produce and develop recipes based on what’s in season and source as many local ingredients as possible. Not only does that save food miles, but it means you’re enjoying fresher, better-quality and more nutrient-rich food that lasts longer in the fridge. All that saves you money and improves your health, as well as that of the planet. We call that a triple win!

quite meal kit box being delivered on doorstep

And the savvy shopper award goes to… you

Get out your favourite pen, because choosing a QuiteLike meal kit is an absolute box-ticker. Not only are you eating more sustainably, enjoying better-quality produce, saving time and enjoying yourself, but you’re also reducing food waste and saving money by only buying exactly what you will use. Thanks, legend.