Gingerbread Affogatos
Christmas Dessert Hacks #2: Gingerbread Affogatos

Serves 4 | Easy | Ready in 5 minutes

With just a scoop, pour and crumble, you have an instant and seasonally appropriate dessert to serve guests. It’s perfect for when you can’t imagine eating another, single thing.

Equipment required:

Ice-cream scoop

4 scoops vanilla ice-cream

120ml espresso

120ml coffee liqueur (or hazelnut liqueur)

8 store-bought gingerbread biscuits

Step 1: Assemble Affogatos

Add 1 scoop of ice-cream to 4 serving glasses. Pour 30ml (1½ tablespoons) each of the espresso and liqueur into each glass. Crumble 1 gingerbread biscuit into each glass and serve immediately with remaining gingerbread biscuits.

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