QuiteLike has relaunched!

We're so excited to share our new look with you!

When we first launched this food-obsessed start up, we knew what we were about. From the beginning, we wanted to be the not-your-average meal kit. Nope, there’s enough of those. What we wanted was to bring the good vibes back to weeknight cooking. And everything we do is about that mission.

Sure, we are here to make your life way easier and we want you to get giddy over our super-nice ingredients and cook things that make you close your eyes when you take a bite because they’re just that good. But we also want you to get excited about plating up on the daily.

One thing we know for sure at QuiteLike is ingredients. We know how to whip, stir and flip things to get them sizzling. So we’ve been adjusting the seasoning on everything we do along the way. Part of that process is our fresh, new relaunch.

You may have noticed, we look different. But why?


Well, over the past 18 months, we’ve been busy building the foundations of a really great business. We’ve created a huge (and we mean truly huge) portfolio of recipes, including an extensive menu of 30-minute meals and a collection of very lovely slow-cook recipes. We’ve also been investing in our technology and customer experience, streamlining logistics and operations, and building a team who gets as excited about pasta shapes as we do.


And while we always knew who we were, we wanted to be sure our customers did, too. So, here we are. Still us, but with a more direct positioning as the meal kit for food lovers. Here to bring Aussie families back to the heart of the home to connect over delicious food made with high-quality ingredients.


When you do things differently to others, people tend to notice. In a not-so-humble brag, our TrustPilot reviews score an average rating of 4.6/5 stars. We’re more than a bit pleased so many of our customers are that happy.

We’re going to carry on serving dinnertime delight to our QuiteLikers in VIC, NSW, QLD and ACT across multiple delivery days and windows, and we’ll make sure everyone is justly rewarded with our partnership with Flybuys.

Here’s a few more reasons we’re not your usual meal kit.


Low stress, high holy wow that’s good

No planning, no shopping, just the things you need, at your door and the joy of cooking a ridiculously delicious dinner. Or, to put it simply, more time to do what you love with the people you love.

Never-boring, ever-changing menus

If variety was a vitamin, we’d nail your daily needs. With a new menu each week, you can mix it up, try new things and cook (and eat) your way around the world.

Owned and sourced, right here at home

Unlike other meal kits, we’re proudly Aussie-owned and love this country’s incredible quality of ingredients, so you can expect beautifully fresh Australian meat and seafood and the brands you love and trust.

Easily change your plan to suit you

Life happens, routines change, we’re flexible. You can easily skip, change or cancel your plan anytime. No contracts, no lock-ins, no cancellation fees.

Pleasing your palate and the planet

We’re always cooking up new ways to be as sustainable as possible and always try to only send you the things you need, so the contents of your kit end up in a dish rather than the rubbish.

So, food lover, when it comes to adding a dash of delight to your weeknight. You know where to click that mouse. Join us to discover beyond delicious today.

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