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Coriander and Lime Crumbed Salmon with Sweet Potato Salad

A zesty crumb adds crunch to tender salmon for an upscale version of fish fingers. Swap out the chips for roasted sweet potato tossed with lime and spinach for a one-tray dinner that’s both healthy and simple.

45 Minutes




Bake Sweet Potato

Preheat oven to 220°C fan-forced. Cut sweet potato into 2cm cubes. Slice red onion into 2cm wedges and crush garlic. Place sweet potato, onion and garlic on a lined baking tray, drizzle with 10ml (2 teaspoons) oil and mix well to coat. Roast for 25 minutes or until almost tender.



Make Butter

Pick coriander leaves from their stems, set leaves aside and finely chop stems. Place stems in a bowl with softened butter. Zest lime and add zest to bowl with ½ teaspoon salt flakes and a pinch of pepper. Mix well to combine and set aside.



Prepare Fish

Place salmon fillets on a plate. Using the back of a spoon, divide coriander and lime butter between each fillet and spread evenly over fish. Press panko breadcrumbs into butter to coat top-side of salmon.



Bake Fish

Remove sweet potato from oven and add salmon to the tray. Place tray on the top rack of the oven and bake for a further 10 minutes or until salmon is medium-rare and sweet potato is tender. If the crumb isn’t as golden as you’d like, pop it under a grill for 2 minutes.



Make Salad

Remove salmon from tray and allow to rest. Place sweet potato mixture in a bowl with baby spinach leaves and coriander leaves and squeeze over ½ the lime juice. Toss to coat with remaining 20ml (1 tablespoon) olive oil and season with salt to taste.



Plate Up

Divide salad between plates and top with salmon. Cut remaining lime into wedges and serve with the salmon.

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Coriander and Lime Crumbed Salmon with Sweet Potato Salad

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