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Glazed Pork Chops with Herb Salad

These deliciously sticky pork chops are given a Vietnamese-inspired glaze and served atop a fresh, herb-filled salad for a light and vibrant dinner. You could also add rice or noodles from the pantry if you’re feeling extra ravenous, just toss them in the pan sauce once cooked to soak up the flavour.


"30 Minutes"




Marinate Pork

Place pork and ½ the fish sauce in a bowl. Set aside to marinate for 10 minutes at room temperature. While the pork is marinating, continue with step 2.



Prepare Salad

Finely slice cucumber and carrot into long, thin strips. Rinse lettuce and gently separate leaves. Place cucumber, carrot and lettuce in a large bowl and toss to combine.



Prepare Dressing

Finely chop eschalot and chilli. Crush garlic. Finely chop lemongrass stalk. Zest and juice lime. Place, eschalot, chilli, garlic, lemongrass and lime zest and juice in a bowl with brown sugar and remaining fish sauce and season to taste.



Cook Pork

Heat oil in a large frypan over medium heat. Add pork and cook for 3 minutes each side or until just cooked through. Remove from pan, loosely cover with foil and rest for 5 minutes. Return frypan to heat and reduce heat to low.



Glaze Pork

Add dressing to frypan and simmer for 30 seconds or until sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat. Return pork to pan and turn to coat in dressing.



Plate Up

Pick coriander and basil leaves from their stems and add to salad. Divide salad between bowls and top with pork, spoon over any remaining dressing from pan to serve.

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Glazed Pork Chops with Herb Salad

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