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How to Get Primed for Dinnertime Success in 2023

Tips for getting your routine right this year

Look, we don’t want to alarm you, but we’d gently like to bring your attention to the fact it’s already halfway through January 2023. By that equation, you’re likely back to work and trying to stealth in as many desk disappearances as possible, and the school holidays are about to terminate in a flurry of freshly sharpened pencils and next-size-up uniforms. We understand that sentence may be triggering, so breathe through it.

Not that you should have unleashed your new-year-new-you enthusiasm on your list of resolutions just yet (it’s all about the Aperol spritz until the end of summer, anyway), but it may be worth priming yourself for success now. As any inspirational-quote-poster on Instagram will tell you (we all know one, let’s be honest): preparation is the birthplace of achievement.

We’re not here to Tony Robbins you, but we are here to lend a hand. You know us, it’s all about making life easy and a bit more fun. So, if your energy needs channelling in various directions to make your agenda happen this year, one thing you can let go of is dinnertime stress.

Yep, the family schedule is a giant Jenga tower of precariously placed pieces, pull the wrong one and the whole thing topples over, usually onto the primary meal-planner. Result: stress and unpleasant cooking experiences. Solution: delegate, delegate, delegate your weekly family meals to us.

By choosing weeknight meals from our delicious menus, you’re not only going to save yourself hours of combing supermarket shelves on a quest to locate the mysteriously placed breadcrumbs, but you can outsource meal-planning and know that you’re putting fresh food with nutritional integrity on the table each night.

If you’re new to QuiteLike, or even if you’re not, take a browse around our recipe catalogue for inspiration. All our recipes are created by our highly skilled and passionate kitchen team using seasonally relevant produce. Each week, you’ll find a balance of comforting classics and new favourites that range from super healthy meals to treat night dishes, which you can mix-and-match to suit your household’s preferences.

And just like that, you’ve drawn a satisfying line through a few of your to-do items for 2023.

  • Provide nutritious family meals – tick.
  • Free up time for you – tick.
  • Get organised ­– big, fat, satisfying tick.

Honestly, doing your own groceries and meal planning is so 2022. This year, it’s all about freeing up your brain RAM, actually enjoying cooking dinner with meals that are ultra-simple to prepare, and, of course, using your superior organisational qualities to make your counterparts just a teeny bit jealous.

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