Santa slays Christmas, gift ideas for your food-obsessed friends

For the stylish, fizz-lovin’ environmentalist

Aarke carbonator

This gift is for lovers of sparkles who get swamped with guilt every time a plastic bottle makes acquaintance with their recycling bin. It’s a big-ticket item, so there’s love behind this thoughtful gift that delivers effervescence, saves hand-wringing over plastic waste and looks so sharp it might graze your eye. Ouch!

For the skilled slicer

MD Knives

Deeply committed home cooks who are reverential about their equipment will direct big amore your way when they unsheathe one of these custom-made blades by Dandenong knife-maker, Mathieu Dechamps. Made from your choice of blade, from stainless-steel to Damascus, and bronze or brass handles, these are culinary heirlooms.

For the drip coffee-obsessed

Fellow Stagg Electric kettle

This elegant gooseneck beauty is benchtop perfection for the ultra-chic coffee nerd. The slim, tapered spout ensures precision for pour-over coffee and it has a one-hour hold function that keeps the water heated, should your first caffeine hit require a prompt follow-up. 

For the kitchen sartorialist

Worktones apron

Look the part of an inner-city barista with these handy-dandy aprons that are here for your culinary splashes and splatters. We have our eye on the denim Mo and, really, they’re so good-looking you almost want the kitchen to catch fire so you can run outside and show off how pro you look. We’re also pretty keen on the kids’ aprons, tea towels, and put us down for the ‘Chardonnay’ hat, too.

For the mad-keen salad-maker

Benriner Super Vegetable Slicer

There’s something so supremely satisfying about uniform, tidy lengths of vegetables. Smug salad types know this. If they’ve been labouring with a knife for too long, ease their burden with this cult kitchen accessory.

For the sugar girls

Catbird Holy Cannoli yellow gold charm

If your friend’s penchant for Sicilian sweets jumps the pastry counter to manifest in their couture, they will deeply appreciate this solid gold ode to the pin-up of Italian desserts. Stuffed with two freshwater pearls, this miniature mouthful is a dainty delight.  

For the detached baker

KitchenAid cordless hand mixer

Anyone who has ever whipped eggs to stiff peaks will respect the far-reaching frustration that is the hand mixer cord. Thankfully innovation has made the leap to the kitchen counter in this cordless iteration. You no longer need to wipe buttercream off the mind-bendingly curly coils, force it to submit to a relaxed position on the bench, or be tethered to the single, irritatingly placed powerpoint.

For the grillers

Hibachi Grill

If nibbling grilled meats beachside as the fading sun illuminates your lime-stuffed Corona sounds like summertime heaven, this is the gift for those of your ilk. Portable, tabletop-friendly and super-easy to use, crowd around this charcoal grill for good times.

Stocking fillers

For that hot little mama

Mama Liu’s Chilli Oil

You know that friend who simply cannot sit down to a meal unless there’s a hotty-to-trotty condiment within reach? This spicy little number will bring a bright, chilli beamer of a smile to their face and bestow upon you their good grace. 

For the exclusive plant-eater

Moon Mart vegan XO

Anyone in the vegan aura of influence is acutely aware that condiments can be a lifeline to flavour. You can’t just put an egg on it to rev things up, so your pantry arsenal becomes integral. This game-changing number with crispy, spicy, salty goodness is your ally in the quest for plant-based umami.

For the dream-chasers

Indigiearth Dreaming Infusion Loose Leaf Tea

A soothing blend of native ingredients makes for hot cups of tea that heavily suggest sleep. Australian green tea, lemon myrtle, cinnamon myrtle and rosella flower unite in sips that are reminiscent of a softly sung lullaby.

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